Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary Shaft Seals


Rotary Shaft seals provide sealing and wiping functionality for rotating and swiveling movements under low pressure and high velocity. They perform two essential functions: the primary function is to retaing the bearing or system lubricant in the system to avoid leakage, and secondary function is to preclude any contamination of the system by external particles or other environmental impacts. Radial shaft seals typically consist of a metal insert and an elastomer diaphragm with a spring energized sealing lip.


  • Provide sealing and wiping out 
  • For rotating and swivel movements
  • Also holds the lubricants inside the system

  • Rotary Shaft
  • Rotary Shaft under low pressure
  • Sealing of liquid under temperature and in rotation.

  • Canvas with NBR
  • Energised Metalic Spring
  • Metalic Insert
  • PTFE 
  • FKM

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